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I wrote this in the Phone so excuse the mistakes and the bad language. (Damn autocorrect 😡)

Only for the few people who might wonder why I didn't submit and response at anything in the last days. I'm gonna take a break or reduce my DeviantArt activity because I'm gonna have my highschool diploma exams in a few weeks and I wan't to concentrate in learning for it. (theHeine who is a classmate of me: Hope you do so too ;P) So don't wonder if I don't react to comments or notifications in the next time I'm busy learning even if it's hard to stay focused like you can see at the Schoolscrap. I was learning for math (analythical geometry, no ideal how it's named in Englisch) and drifted away drawing a mantis like monster :D. So anyway after finishing the exams I will be back and bring out most of the Schoolscraps I gathered over the twelve years in school. Because then I am free and will have as much free time as I want. Also I will work up all of the notifications then so don't bei afraid I will look at all of them.

Thanks for reading and Jeep Fingers crossed for me ;)

See you then LPtheKante

Nur falls ihr euch wundert warum ich nicht auf eure Kommentare reagiere und nichts mehr submitte. Ich mache jetzt erst einmal Pause machen um mich voll aufs Abi zu konzentrieren. Bin schon kräftig am lernen auch wenn ich manchmal abdrifte, siehe Bild (egal neuer Schoolscrap) :D. Danach bin ich wieder da und werde auch auf alle eure Kommentare und was sonst noch so kommt reagieren. Ich werde auf jeden Fall dann viele neue Schoolscraps bringen können weil ich dann alles aus zwölf Jahren durch suchen werde.

Danke fürs lesen und drückt mir die Daumen ;)
Bis dann LPtheKante
embedded_item1492097073876 by LPtheKante


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Lukas P.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm Lukas and this is my profile (Surprise :D). Sorry for being so wide spreaded and different with the art I submitt but I like to try out new things and improve my skills. Also I didn't want to split my art related interests and create different accounts for photography, drawings and so on.

But now to me. I live in South Germany near the swiss city Basle. I am still going to school but will finish it in a few months. No Idea what is coming after that. My hobbies are gymnastics, reading, writing and of course art(drawing,painting,photgraphy). I'm writing on a few storys but none of them is in the danger to get finished in near future. I think the most of these you could categorize as Sci-Fi or Thriller. My favorite style of music is very different like my art. Allmost everything to be honest. But mostly i hear EDM and Trap but also Epic music or movie soundtracks.

Also before I will end my Bio here I want to excuse my not so good English. I have to admit that I am not very gifted in learning new languages but I see DeviantArt as chance to improve these skills too so feel free to correct heavy mistakes in my language ;)


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